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About Rosenhagen Sales
Little did I know 5+ years ago that walking by a "weird yellow heater contraption"  at an exhibition show would turn a mere curiousity (how does that thing put out so much heat) to a fullfilling business.
What I love about selling the Val6 is helping people just like me improve and enhance their own business operations.  I can truly sell these heaters because I believe in them and have used them in every way imaginable.  

Here is list of ways I haved used the heaters:
  • ​Heating Uninsulated farm shop
  • Thawing waterers/hydrants
  • Starting semi's/tractors (Cold weather)
  • Tailgating at Football Games (You become very popular when its cold!)
  • Heating/Cooking Food (Football games)
  • Heating rubber hoses/tires for better flexibilty
  • Drying concrete
  • Drying paint
  • Heat for gatherings (Auctions, Parties, Family Functions)
  • Heating animal facilities/working areas

Thanks for your interest,
Kenton Rosenhagen​